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Kyra Cane


Kyra Cane is a potter, artist and teacher. She was well known during her tenure at Harrow before the College sadly closed its ceramic department. However she has held a number of teaching appointments.

The materials she uses are complex and of the highest quality: porcelain clay, stain, oxides, glaze, paper, paint, ink, crayons, pastels, graphite and charcoal. But the tools and equipment she uses are strong and basic, throwing wheels, ribs, wires, scales, bins, buckets, boards, brushes and kilns. With these she throws, turns, marks, colours, glazes and fires the pots and then recycles the remnants of her precious clay which has been thousands of years in its making.

Kyra exhibits widely both in the UK .and abroad. She is currently an external examiner in Ceramics in two major institutions and a Trustee of the Craft Pottery Charitable Trust.