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Lamunlamai. Craftstudio

Lamunlamai. Craftstudio was founded by artists Mai Nopkamon A. and Nol Netprom, initially in Bangkok but now based in London. With a shared passion for pottery, the duo decided to establish their studio to communicate a sense of home through daily tableware objects, decorative items, and installation art that gives a sense of gentleness, just like the name of their studio, which means ‘gentle’ or ‘mellow’ in Thai. While Nol has design practices based on craft making in multi-disciplinary materials which he specializes in ceramics with hand-throwing and color glaze techniques. His making contained a functionality of usage and a sense of soothing in color and touch. Mai is interested in the connection between objects and feelings with meaningful approaches. She believes that creative practices can be a tool for social improvement and collective change in social and environmental impact. The result is the balance between functional and emotional values in the work, with a human touch at its center.

These two makers graduated from Goldsmiths with an MA