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Laura Gibbs

“Perfect doesn’t grow on trees” – this series of work challenges society’s obsession with perfection by introducing elements of randomness and imperfection to the semi-industrial process of slip casting. The bone china and porcelain pieces are cast and then biscuit fired at either 1000oC or 1280oC before being saggar fired in the kiln with metals, oxides and other combustible material to produce unpredictable colours and patterns. Laura’s approach to making is exploratory and her work is constantly evolving as she experiments with different materials and techniques.

Laura’s interest in clay was initially sparked by the pieces Laura’s Dad brought home from his weekly pottery night class. After taking a few classes in her 20’s, work and family intervened until about 4 years ago when a neighbour told her about his pottery shed at the bottom of his garden and invited Laura to a Raku party. Laura was immediately hooked and after taking classes locally she applied for the HND in ceramics at Morley College, graduating last summer.