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This collection was heavily influenced by Linnea’s upbringing in a small village on the south-west coast of Sweden called Träslövsläge [trɛ:sløvslɛ:gɛ], which has thrived as a fishing community for hundreds of years. Inspired by old photographs of the boats and fishermen in the harbour from a book about Träslövsläge, she set out to create a collection of functional wares in traditional terracotta clay adorned with nostalgic imagery and has called this collection “Baudar” [baʊda], which means “boats” in the old Swedish dialect of the village.
She first throws a vessel on the wheel and then cut and reshape it when leather-hard. Afterwards she applies coloured slips and uses an image transfer technique to create a functional and illustrative design.
When the vessel is bone dry it is first bisque fired to 1040°C and then glazed with a clear glaze and re-fired to 1100°C in an oxidation atmosphere.