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Lizzie Weir

Lizzie Weir

Lizzie Weir is a contemporary maker, her work directly influenced by the objects collected on long desolate beaches in Cornwall, bright sun-drenched beaches and Portugal and rough pebbly beaches in Devon…

The tumbled, battered, burnt, lost, found, stranded pieces of ephemera are collected by Lizzie, each piece a sculptural form directly influencing the outcome be that jewellery, drawing or fine art print.

Repetition of mark is key to Lizzie’s work, the relationship between the circle and the line occurring throughout her fine art prints, Lizzie layers ink, gold leaf, pencil and paint creating her multi-layered drawings.

Each piece of jewellery is a three-dimensional drawing, one done in wood and silver, the dialogue between the linear silver and the soft sculptural wood one of endless fascination to Lizzie.