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Margaret discovered clay at Bolton College of Art and developed her enthusiasm at Stoke-on-Trent School of Art under the tutelage of Derek Emms. He introduced her to working with reduction fired stoneware in the Eastern tradition. It was at this time that she met her husband David and they started to lay the foundation for the establishment of their workshop, Brookhouse Pottery, which they have had now for over fifty years.
Over the last few years, much experimentation has gone into the development of her porcelain body and glazes. The smoothness of the porcelain makes it ideal for carving. Although she draws beforehand, Margaret prefers to work directly onto the clay for greater spontaneity and flow. She also works with copper red glazes which have an elusive appeal as they tend to burn out easily during the reduction firing. Used in combination with other heavy iron glazes, they give deep shades of purples, oranges and reds.
An extra dimension to Margaret’s work has been the introduction of wood firing and ashed surfaces. She enjoys uniting the tightness of the porcelain with a total random and carefree attitude. Like her husband, she enjoys talking about the approach she has to ceramics and the factors that influence and drive her considerable creativity. It is to both of their credit that they continue to innovate and experiment, even after fifty years of making.