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Masazumi Yamazaki

Masazumi Yamazaki

Masazumi Yamazaki is from Japan and has lived in Wales for eleven years. Originally an illustrator and painter, he started to work with clay eight years ago and graduated from West Wales School of the Arts with a first class degree in Ceramic Art and 3D Design.

Masazumi’s ceramic work is varied, inspired by his drawings and illustrations of human and animal forms. His hand-built pieces combine simplicity of shape with unpredictable themes.

Great attention is paid to the surfaces of his sculptures. Through the facial expressions of his figures, he aims to convey subtle emotions, ranging from the quirky to the bleak.

The sculptures are hand built and combine simplicity of shape with unpredictable themes. Masazumi’s pieces are entertaining and accessible to people of all ages.

His work has been shown at Bevere over a number of years and we have learnt that his pieces will always evoke a reaction. He makes people smile and he will sometimes make you wince, but no-one will remain indifferent towards this maker’s original work.