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Natasha Wightman

Natasha makes wood fired and soda glazed tableware on Dartmoor, Devon. After completing a degree in ceramics, she continued to develop her style while apprenticing for Penny Simpson and later Sabine Nemet and Nic Collins at The Barn Pottery, Moretonhampstead. After learning how to wood fire there, she has recently built her own kiln on a friend’s farmland, where she has many happy memories of growing up.
Her desire to make is fed by the belief that handcrafted pots enhance people’s lives by elevating the presentation of food and the comfort of the user, slowing down everyday moments of use into those of enjoyment and appreciation.

Wood firing and soda glazing is the process of using wood as the only source of fuel for a pottery kiln and during the firing spraying a soda solution onto the pots inside. Both the wood ash and the soda create a unique glaze on every pot, with fascinatingly complex surfaces and rich variations of colour. One of the gifts of soda glazing is it’s trademark ‘orange peel’ effect which, while textural, is also smooth with a satin-like shine and is ergonomic to the touch. Each surface is unique and formed by the path of the soda and the flame. Some pots are more dramatic, while others are quieter, and each has a sturdy timelessness as they tell the story of malleable earth through fire.
While Natasha’s work is rooted in traditional forms and respects the beauty of practicality, she designs soda glazed tableware that bridges traditional and contemporary forms and function. She explores forms with a sense of playfulness, while retaining a simplicity that complements the complex decoration of soda firing.