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Nigel Edmondson

Nigel Edmondson

Nigel Edmondson ‘s professional training was undertaken at Manchester Polytechnic and Padgate College. Between 1963 and 1975 he taught art and design. He then became the Senior Adviser and Inspector for Art and Design for Lancashire Education Authority until 1997. During this time, he was making part time and he became a full time professional in 1997. His creative spirit has not diminished and he continues to make.

His current work includes sculptural and/or functional pieces for the garden and conservatory and some smaller scale work suited to a more domestic setting. Surfaces are often richly textured and much of the work incorporates landscape-based abstraction that reflects and responds in particular to the Lakeland Fells that lie on his doorstep in Cumbria where he lives and works and on which he enjoys walking. He is constantly searching for new ways to respond to the landscape and every walk on the fells contributes to this.

Craft-crank clay is used, fired to 1250°C in oxidation, only limited use is made of glazes with colour coming from metal oxides and high firing slips. On occasion multiple firings are employed to allow for further refinement of the ‘painted’ surface.

It is Nigel’s use of colour in subtle combinations and the textures of his pieces which attract the many admirers of his work.