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Orli’s approach to sculpture centres around mortality, it captures the conflict between material disintegration and intellectual fortitude. The mind, subjected to the needs of the primordial body, drowns in desperation. The inability to exist beyond it’s primitive self impedes the unremitting pursuit towards enlightenment. Orli’s work immortalises the momentary, the suppressed and the impulsive.
Orli is not interested in illustrations or proposals. Her ambition is to reawaken a past emotion. It’s an act of expulsion. Beauty is not considered in its familiar form. Her sculptures allow her to embody these emotions, and in turn, dissect them.
As a child, Orli had the opportunity to live in Russia, Lithuania and Israel before the family settled in the U.K. Her work is partly autobiographical, inspired by memories and emotions from her past, which she reconceptualises to give it a new meaning and urgency today.
Orli was selected to appear in the 2012 Bevere Graduate Show and given her immediate impact and poularity she has exhibted at the Gallery ever since then. It is the quality of her modelling and her creativity which appeals to her admirers.