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Paul Scott

Paul Scott

Paul Scott is a Cumbrian based artist with a diverse practice and an international reputation. Creating individual pieces that blur the boundaries between fine art, craft and design, he is well known for research into printed vitreous surfaces, as well as his characteristic blue and white artworks in glazed ceramic.

Paul’s artworks can be found in public collections around the globe – including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Museum in Stockholm, the National Decorative Arts Museum in Norway and The Museum of Art and Design in New York. National Museums Liverpool, Pittsburgh and Brooklyn Art Museum USA.

The combination of rigorous research, writing, studio practice and commissioning ensures that his work is continually developing – but it is fundamentally concerned with landscape, pattern and a sense of place. Commissioned work can be found in a number of UK museums as well as public places in the North of England, including Carlisle, Maryport, Gateshead and Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has also completed large scale works in Hanoi, Vietnam and Guldagergård public sculpture park in Denmark.

A combination of rigorous research, studio practice, curation, writing and commissioned work ensures that his work is continually developing. It is fundamentally concerned with the re-animation of familiar objects, landscape, pattern and a sense of place.

He has been Professor of Ceramics at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) since 2011.