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Richard Wincer

Richard graduated from Goldsmiths College in the 1970’s and quickly established himself as an artist showing his work at the Serpentine Gallery in 1980 and then in 1983 at the Hayward Gallery. He has been a practising artist for over 40 years and exhibits in galleries throughout the country. He has been a regular exhibitor in the Summer Show at the Royal Academy.
After a long period of experimenting and devoting many years to painting he has now developed his own method and techniques. His concerns are not with the formal qualities of painting, form, shape and colour, but how these elements can combine and give true meaning to work. From an initial period of working more figuratively he has naturally progressed the paintings into pure abstraction.
Water is a recurrent theme in his work and he makes us aware of the sense of life within it and the varying strength of its flow. When he is painting, often the paint will be quite liquid. He applies it intuitively, making use of its own particular qualities, both its wateriness and at times its opacity. Layers will be built up, wiped away, and then reapplied. “Its as if I am sculpting in paint as I feel my way around the painting’s surface. I am attempting to raise things from the watery depths of my subconscious”