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Ronnie Diggins

Ronnie Diggins

Ronnie Diggins started pottery after studying on an interior design course. She went on a taster session over 15 years ago and discovered her love of throwing pots on the wheel.

All pieces are unique and individual. She will throw bowls which are smooth from St Thomas stoneware. For her organic range, Ronnie uses crank and occasionally throws with porcelain.

It is evident from all her writing that she finds making an exhilarating process. The way she describes the output from her kiln also shows the impact of surprise that so often comes from the firing process. For her, making is instinctive – dependent on her mood and creative energy. Every piece is different as she works to ensure the originality of each piece.

Although she has undertaken various courses, it is evident that Ronnie has a strong creative endeavour which is manifest in the range of her work and how she enthusiastically talks about her potting.