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Sarah Coppard

Sarah first discovered a passion for ceramics whilst living and working in Japan. Upon her return to London she completed a MA in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art before later embarking on a two year HND programme specialising in Ceramics. In 2021 she completed a year long apprenticeship at North Street Potters, London under the guidance of potter Naine Woodrow with a focus on production throwing.
She is interested in both functional and decorative ceramics, and the intersection between the two. Her non-functional work uses clay to explore ideas of memory, the passage of time, and a sense of place. Sarah employs a range of ceramic processes including both throwing and slip casting, She enjoys using organic additions, oxide powders and matte glazes to create subtle surfaces indicative of the marks and traces left by natural forces.
The “Albion” series is inspired by the white cliffs of her native Sussex, which is home to the largest extent of chalk sea cliffs in the world. Porcelain is low fired in order to explore alternative qualities to the medium, in this case reminiscent of the soft calcium carbonate shoreline which gave rise to Britain’s oldest name, Albion (white land). Whilst the sea has always shaped and carved these cliffs, human management of the coast, rising sea levels and worsening storms due to Climate Change have meant erosion rates of the Sussex coast have increased ten-fold over the past 150 years. It is estimated that over the following 100 years, almost 7,000 homes in England and Wales will fall into the sea due to coastal erosion