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Sarah Jenkins

There was a time when my work referenced landscape more directly.

Landscape is still pivotal for me, but now in a more internal, abstracted and oblique way.
The clay structure is the earthy foundation, the surface marks, colours and textures are
transient moments of weather and light, season and time.

I am constantly on a quest for the right resonating frequency, a human response, something describing nature and the rightness of it.

A search for truth.

The finished works might be described as having strongly contrasting different appearances. Some, using glazes and brighter colours, look very different to the unglazed pieces, where contrasting slips highlight the exterior surface.

Despite the contrasts, there’s an underlying consistency in intent, and a continued connection to landscape. I follow my inspiration, always building by hand, finding different paths towards the same goal, moving across the different terrain with a variety of responses.