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Sophie Wootton

Sophie Wootton is a designer-maker who recently graduated from Design Crafts at De Montfort University. She throws all of her pieces on the pottery wheel because she loves the immediate response her actions have on the clay. She is fascinated by the personal connection between the maker and material. Transforming a ball of clay into a fine walled structure never fails to excite her. She has been inspired by the idea of ‘leaving your mark’ after finding a series of her late grandmother’s paintings. The connection she felt is one she has tried to replicate by leaving her mark as the maker in her work; whether it is hypothetical or physical.
Her collection of tableware has been thoughtfully curated to bring people together and to create memorable shared experiences. Distortions within the pieces act as a reminder of the makers hand and provide a connection between the maker and the user as well as being designed to provide comfort when passing around shared food.