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Su Rogers

After 15 years of evening classes Su decided to do a degree and since graduating in 2009 Su has been a tutor and also develop a range of hand-crafted pieces by using a method called coiling. Coiling is where hand rolled “sausages” of clay are joined then smoothed with a metal kidney. Su throws smaller pieces on the wheel..
Colour is created with handmade “slips” and patterned using a sgraffito pen, sponge, and layering of patterns. Pieces are fired to stoneware and glazed inside making them functional for flowers and front proof in the garden.
Many of my designs have been inspired from the natural organic world that we see about us. Indeed Su sketch book is always at hand to record those special occasions from which new designs will spring. Many of the shapes with handles go back to ancient times.
These pots are all individual and unique pieces of art which can be a focal point in your garden or home.