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Suzi Humphries

Suzi is a ceramicist, designer and maker whose practice is driven by a love of process, method and technique. She is constantly seeking ways of portraying this in her work, aiming to engage the viewer through questioning of materials, and pursuits of perfection. She produces wheel thrown vessels using black and white stoneware clay. Suzi works with cast shadows and negative space creating transfers that are manipulated onto the vessels. Crater and crawl glazes are then applied to give texture and tactility to each piece.

Suzi worked as a wedding cake designer for 12 years and then returned to education and graduated with a first-class honours degree in 3D Design Craft from Arts University Plymouth. This allowed her to grow as an artist and cultivate a fresh desire to create work that has meaning.


Suzi was our Visitors’ Choice in last year’s Graduate Show and we are delighted to featured some of her new work ‘One Year On’ in this year’s show opening on 13 January