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Tim Lake


Tim is a potter based in Carmarthenshire. He is clear about what he does – he makes pots. Pots to be used, pots to be looked at and most of all pots to be enjoyed.

A variety of different voices inform his work, from East to West. He hopes that the combination of these influences and personal endeavour lead to pieces of work that have a subtle beauty that only clay can allow to happen.

He makes a variety of forms, ranging from vases and lidded containers to drinking cups and pouring bowls. All work is stoneware and is thrown and turned on a slow turning kick wheel and fired to between 1280°C–1300°C in a gas/wood soda kiln.

Curators Comments – There are clearly strong eastern, as well as western, influences on his work. The manipulation of clay to establish pattern and texture which is enhanced by his slip glazing. This work is made to use, to embrace in hand and importantly to enjoy one’s food and drink from. There is a distinctive voice here which Tim has worked hard to establish.