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Zaza Shelly

Zaza Shelly

Zaza Shelly is a British artist and she works primarily in ink and watercolour. Her style is loose because she paints most of her images directly from life. When she’s not in her studio, she is out on walks or on farms painting the animals she comes across. Zaza has spent some time in South Africa too and occasionally goes to British safari parks to get a ‘refresher’ on particular animals for studies or commissions.

Zaza’s work is professionally printed and then framed. Both processes are completed separately by specialist, award winning craftsmen in the UK (actually, they are not too far from where Zaza lives so she can visit them regularly to select new papers and try out various frames). The papers she uses are high quality 300gsm+ in a variety of surfaces and finishes which best fits each image or collection.

We currently do not have any of Zaza’s work in stock but are happy to make an enquiry on your behalf if you are looking for a piece of Zaza’s work.

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