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Artists Studios

On site at Bevere Gallery we have four Artist Studios where you can see work being made, chat with the resident artists and view completed artwork for sale. In the timber framed building, in our wooded area behind the gallery, you will find Susan Birth and Dan Holden  with the two remaining Artist Studios, of Jennifer Ng and Jane Arthur, upstairs in the Coach House.

We welcome visitors Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Please call in and say hello!


Jane works in layers of fabric, stitch and mark making to capture a sense of place, time or memory. She uses different perspectives to explore and map how we move in a landscape. Her travels have taken her to Antarctica where she fell in love with this cold and beautiful place. It often features in her work.

Mobile: 07861 259373


Jane’s website

Susan paints representational and semi-abstract landscapes derived from real places as well as imagined scenes conjuring a dreamlike world. Her intent is to hold the viewer’s gaze, perhaps striking a chord, evoking a thought, memory or mood.

Mobile: 07762 351192


Susan’s website

Jennifer aims to portray the natural world from the inside-out. Using Chinese ink and water-based mediums, she documents the markings, traces, and imprints of nature, as she invites you to dwell upon the perimeters and complexities of its manifestations.

Mobile: 07746 648801


Jennifer’s website

Dan creates striking abstract oil paintings on recycled materials. Through his art he expresses his emotions and comments on the changing world as he sees it. His latest work focuses on nature and the passage of time.

Mobile: 07761 604844


Dan’s website