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Our framing department offers the complete framing service. Alastair and his team are happy to discuss your framing requirements with you in order to give you a no-obligation quote for any piece of artwork or object.

Some of the more unusual items that we have framed have been a Cricket Bat, Stumps and Ball, Spanish Decorative Fans, Fossils, Children’s resin footprints, Christening Robes and assorted collectibles – from cast lead soldiers to Scalextric cars!

We also offer a restoration and cleaning service.

Picture Perfect

Choosing a picture is one thing, but selecting the right frame and mount and hanging it in the home to best effect is another. Picture framer Alastair Taylor, of the Gallery at Bevere, gives us a few tips on presenting our artwork in the best way.
“There are two things to think about when choosing a frame and mount for a picture. Will it enhance it aesthetically and will it protect the art for future generations” according to Alastair.

Obviously, much depends on the value of the art, but whether it is is a masterpiece or a treasured first painting produced by your child, but Alastair would always advise on framing your artwork to a certain standard to protect it, so throw away those clip frames now.
The mount is used not only to enhance the look of the picture but to also keep the artwork away from the glass which can damage it in the long term, particularly if condensation gets behind the glass.

So what sort of frames are popular at the moment?
“Framing is such an individual choice and ultimately the frame is there to maximise the artwork. You can’t make a bad painting good with a nice frame but you can certainly ruin a good painting with a bad frame.

“The frame should always be right for your artwork first and right for space second, that is the priority, but people often get that part of framing wrong. However, if people do have a specific place in mind, I would tend to look at the framing needs slightly differently.”

The Gallery at Bevere framing shop
There are trends within frames though and Alastair says the natural woods and lime washed whites, which reflect trends in interiors generally, have been very popular. New soft, fake metals, such as iron and pewter, are also emerging as popular choices for frames while those in large country houses with more traditional decors are still choosing the gilt frames.

In the last couple of years, boxed canvases have been popular, but Alastair believes this trend is slowing down now, except perhaps for photo portraits which are an effective and affordable way to enjoy those kinds of pictures.

“Really, there are no hard and fast rules and I would always consult with the customers and discuss the various options with them but whatever they choose, I would never be happy if they were anything other than delighted with the finished piece when they hung it at home.”

For more framing advice, contact Alastair at The Gallery at Bevere on 01905 754484

Worcestershire Living – April 2007