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Original Prints

In a world where digital reproductive techniques are commonplace the ‘print’ is sometimes regarded as a cheap reproduction of an ‘original’ piece of art.

Original Printmaking however is the process of creating by hand multiple versions of an original piece of art. The print is the original and there will be a number of them that will differ slightly as they are printed individually. 

We hope that by increasing awareness of the time, technical skill and ingenuity required to produce original prints we will be able to share with visitors our love and appreciation of these most fascinating works of art.

We show the work of 30 original printmakers’ in the gallery who work in the following disciplines

Dry point etching – Wood engraving – Linocut – Woodcut – Collagraph – Three plate etching – Screen prints

Each month we feature the work of one or two Printmakers and each September have a group show of around 10 printmakers.