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SAND 10 – Industrial waste glazed vase EP3



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W 180 mm

H 270 mm


Artists Statement:

A response to the global sand crisis, showing ways in which ceramic glazes can develop to minimise impact on the sand shortage.

Ceramics tends to be viewed as a wholesome and natural antidote to mass production and machinery. This may be true in regards to the practice of making itself but when looking into the sustainability of it, there are lots of grey areas. The mining of raw materials is destroying our planet. Landscapes are being ruined, habitats destroyed and finite resources being used up.  Throughout this project I have focused on ceramic glazes. Inspired by the research of Sara Howard, instead of using raw materials I have sourced industrial waste and used this to create a range of glazes. By doing this not only is it preventing mining more raw materials but giving a purpose to waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

I have approached this project as one would a science experiment, meticulously documenting glaze recipes and tests along the way to come up with a collection of vessels to exhibit my research. Inspired by laboratory glass, I created a mould to slip cast these forms to display the different tests. SAND is a visual representation of research to inform people of how sustainable practice can be implemented and the beauty that waste can create.